Bristol Area Guide : Cotham


Heading back towards the city centre, Cotham and Kingsdown are slightly more urban alternatives to Clifton. Similar in character to Redland, Cotham has great access to the city centre also.

Shopping – An array of shops can be found on Cotham Hill selling all sorts of goodies from hardware to artwork to antiques.

Postcode – BS6

Primary/Secondary Schools – Cotham School and Colston Girls' (secondary), Colston's Primary School and Cotham Primary School.

Age of Houses – The majority of Cotham's property is made up of beautiful Victorian houses which have been converted into attractive flats.

Main Roads – Saint Michael's Hill & Cotham Hill.

Main Attractions – Cotham lies close to the city centre and also to the well known Gloucester Road. The BRI is a stone's throw away too and easily accessible on foot. Bus links are a plenty and so travelling both to and from Cotham is nice and easy.

Cafés/Bars/Restaurants – Cotham plays host to some wonderfully quirky places, including the likes of Chickpea café and The Burger Joint with its fantastic meaty treats.

Random Fact – The top of St Michael's Hill used to be a traditional place for hangings and is one of the historical boundaries of Bristol.

Population – Approximately 10,900 people.

Local Transport – Cotham has bus links into the centre on routes 8, 9, 19 and 520 and easy access to several large employers such as Rolls Royce, Airbus, etc.